This week on an Angry Planet, we take a look at a robust industry of defensive cars, Ukraine's new tanks, and an Air Force General's plea to his Airmen.
The Complexities of China’s Liberal NationalismListen now (37 min) | Only Nixon can go to China. The now-forgotten aphorism once represented so much in American politics. After Nixon met with Mao…
The week of January 20, 2023 ended as it began: with people still trying to figure out what is and isn’t a tank.
What a War Game Tells Us About TaiwanListen now (41 min) | It’s only human to play games. Some might argue it’s in the DNA. Games are part of how we learn, and can be the best way to teach…
The week of 1/13/23 started off with riots in Brazil and ended with some weird mysteries about influencers and special operations forces in America.
The Long Weird History of the Bradley Fighting VehicleListen now (36 min) | It's not a tank, but it is going to Ukraine.
Russia put hypersonic missiles in the sea, the U.S. sent (not tanks) to Ukraine, and El Chapo Jr. in the crossfire.
Israel's New Coalition from HellListen now (35 min) | Benjamin Netanyahu is back and he's brought a right-wing coalition like nothing Israel has seen. Dan Perry knows the game and all…
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