How Music Videos Explain the War Between Armenia and AzerbaijanListen now (40 min) | Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war. Why? It’s complicated. What’s the nature of the conflict? That’s also very complicated. It’s s…
The Care and Feeding of a Republic Listen now (32 min) | Nations rise and nations fall, as do their governments. Today, some people say the United States and its treasured republican vir…
Playing with Roman allusions while America debates "the issues" and the storm clouds gather.
Jason Fields
Why the Military Is Streaming Video Games to Recruit the Next GenerationListen now (57 min) | The Military needs gamers. Over the past few months, the U.S. Army and Navy have spent a considerable amount of time playing vide…
Matthew Gault
Three different ways the U.S. could end: 2020 edition
Matthew Gault
// A look back at a forgotten story in August and a roundup of a troubling week in America.
How 3D Printed Guns Will Rewrite Our LawsListen now (52 min) | Ghost guns. Untraceable weapons manufactured in the home. They’ve been with us forever, but they’ve taken on a new menace in the …
Matthew Gault
War College has officially become Angry Planet
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe is out, William Shatner is raging against the dying of the light, and protests in America turned violent
Matthew Gault, Jason Fields, and Kevin Knodell
// Soldiers trained by the France, Germany, Russia and the U.S. have seized power in Mali and Putin eliminates the competition (probably) with a little…
An explosion in Beirut, Trump's TikTok ban, and the consequences of a failed coup.
A tactical withdrawal in Portland, NATO woes, and bad times at the old arcade
Matthew Gault