Sep 18, 2017 • 28M

How Iran Outsourced Regional War to the Party of God

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The Party of God, Hezbollah, is reaching out far beyond its Lebanese roots as they work with Iran to spread their joint vision of holy war. Working with money and equipment from Iran, the Shi’ite militia now operates in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The party dedicated to the destruction of the Israel is doing a lot of work in countries east of its target.

Don’t get them wrong, Hezbollah still hates Israel and wants to destroy it, but it’s lending its expertise—and soldiers—to faraway battles. This week on War College, New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard takes us through what’s changed for the Shi’ite militia group and why they’re fighting so far from home and what Iran gets by supporting it.

Read Hubbard’s article on Hezbollah here.

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