Nov 4, 2022 • 1HR 7M

Warning! Angry Planet's Midterm Election Special

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Conversations about conflict on an angry planet. 781951
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A subscriber only episode about crime, violence, and what’s at stake as the midterms come for us all next week.

First, Danny Gold—returning guest and host of the excellent Underworld Podcast—stops by to talk about crime. The rise in violent crime is a motivating factor for many in this election. How bad has it gotten and what’s behind it? Gold has some of the answers, but not all.

Then Melissa Ryan, an anti-disinformation organizer, comes on the show to talk about election denial and the growing threat of political violence in the country. We get into Kiwi Farms, Lyndon Larouche, and why every election feels like it’s the end of the world these days.

image: Lorie Shaull photo.

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